Film & Advertising Voiceovers: Erin Chapman

Hi! Since I was a kid, I've been hamming it up, and performing for whomever was listening, so voiceover came naturally to me. I was a lead singer in a band for several years, with experience in songwriting. With that, I was lucky enough be nominated for an Annie Award in Hollywood, and win an ASCAP Honor Award for co-writing the theme song for Lego Ninjago (produced by Jeppe Riddervold of JAM, and performed by The Fold). 

I have years experience in the vocal booth behind the mic, specializing in U.S. & Canadian english voiceover speak and singing. Clients include Lego, Ikea, Triumph International, Pandora, Lundbeck, Momondo, Oticon, Mærsk, various lifestyle & fashion clients, and more. 

Vocal styles include: Fresh & Friendly, Youthful, Soft & Seductive, Corporate & Professional, Edgy, Bold, Enthusiastic.

If you'd like to work with me for your next voiceover project, send an email

Note: I am not connected to or affiliated with any vocal unions.